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Intermission offers a comprehensive web design, hosting, e-commerce and e-business services. Whether you’re looking for a high impact web site to market your business or sophisticated integrated web based developments, Intermission can help. Our developments accent accessibility and usability to the make them as easy as possible to use and administer.

Maybe you’re thinking of taking your first steps onto the Internet and need advice on setting up a web site, email, domain registration, web stats, hosting or web site development. Not only can we help you but we will support you after your web site is online.

There is an old saying that the ‘Client is King’. We agree, so we always work to make sure that your business needs and requirements are met. Intermission works in close consultation with you to ensure that you gain a flexible and expandable web solution that can grow as your business grows.

Very often commercial 'off-the-shelf' web-based products can either provide too much at a cost beyond the reach of your business; or not fit in with your specific business needs. With this in mind Intermission can develop bespoke internet solutions to suit most budgets without comprising on design and technical quality. As the project develops, you are given access to our development server so you can see the work as it goes along. Intermission works with you on a project to make sure that you can achieve your objectives.

Maybe your business is ready to take the next step and sell online. If it is why not try PhoenixShop.


Intermission have helped a number of clients to successfully trade online. PhoenixShop allows you to easily manage your products, set shipping prices, special offers, featured products, discount codes, free gifts and view orders. For more information on PhoenixShop contact us. If you have specific ecommerce requirements, PhoenixShop can easily be customised as part of a bespoke development or we can develop a system to fully meet your needs.

Over the last few years Intermission has also developed a web based Content Management System (CMS) called PhoenixCMS.


PhoenixCMS is a bespoke content management system that allows non-technical users to easily update the content on your internet web site or intranet. Easy to use, PhoenixCMS has a number of core modules that allow you to update pages, images, news, events, links etc. The CMS has been designed in a generic way so as to allow further additions to easily be made without impacting on what has already been developed. An intuitive menu system, validation and help system makes it so simple to add, edit and delete content from your web site. For more information on PhoenixCMS contact us.

Intermission provides an exceptionally high standard of service based on years of knowledge and experience in developing web sites and dynamic web based systems.